How to Pick a Thoroughbred Rifle

There are numerous choices when specifying a custom rifle. Everybody starts somewhere different. You may have a number of rifles and know exactly what you would like to fill a gap in your collection. Or this may be the first of many rifles to come.

First, we like to begin our consultations with discussing the intended use for your new Thoroughbred. Hunting or Target / Tactical? If hunting, then where, what species of animals and typical distances? If Target / Tactical, then what
environment – Military, Police or Competition?

Second, what are your physical attributes? This helps with choosing the style of stock, length of pull, length and contour of barrel and cartridge chambering. These aspects help determine the weight, balance and recoil aspects of the rifle.

The bottom line is that there is no such design where one size fits all. Give us a call. We truly enjoy discussing our passion for hunting and shooting with others, And we are dedicated to building “no compromise” rifles for our clients and friends.