How to Shoot a Thoroughbred Rifle

Shooting a Thoroughbred Rifle rewards each and every marksmanship discipline the shooter can muster.  Consistent mounting, breath control and trigger management all result in exceptionally small groups on target.  There is much written on these subjects and good habits are important to develop.  We trigger thousands of rounds every year in testing and certifying our rifles.  Over time, we’ve found that practice is the key.  Rounds downrange make for better marksmanship. We love to spend time at the range with our clients and pass on what we know.  However, schedules are always troublesome to align.  The best solution we have discovered for improving marksmanship is to attend one of the many training courses offered by professional trainers.  Although we have not attended every course available, we have attended a number of them and we have found the instruction provided by Josh Ruby of North Texas Rifle Precision to be world class.