Base Rifle


Thoroughbred Rifles Custom Stainless ActionBartlein, Kreiger, Brux, Lilja Stainless BarrelJewell TriggerMcMillan Hunting Stock with 4 flush cups & 1 stud

PTG BDL Bottom Metal

Wyatt Extended Magazine Box

Thoroughbred Scope Base

Warne QD Rings

Matte Stainless, KG Coat, Ceracoat

Half MOA Certified with Factory Ammunition


Action Upgrade Thoroughbred XL (338 Lapua / 416 Rigby)  $200.00
Stock Upgrade McMillan Hunters Edge, Paint only, 2 studs $150.00
McMillan A3/5, 4 flush cups, 1 stud, Adj LOP, Adj Cheek $400.00
Manners T, 4 flush cups, 1 stud, Adj LOP $200.00
Manners T3A, 4 flush cups, 1 stud, Adj LOP, Adj Cheek $400.00
Magazine Stiller Detach (uses AI magazines) $300.00
HS Precision Detach $350.00
Badger M5 Detach(uses AI magazines) $400.00
Sunny Hill Drop Belly $600.00
Barrel Fluting Six Straight Flutes $200.00
Muzzle Brake Thoroughbred Slim Line Hunter or Tactical $200.00
Wildcat Chamber Dies, Load Data, Brass (20 fireformed) $1000.00
Sling Thoroughbred w/ flush cup swivels $125.00
Case Thoroughbred Custom Rifle Case  $350.00

Cleaning Kit

Lucas Bore Guide, Dewey Cleaning Rod, Dewey Bore Mop Rod, Pelican Box, Jag, Brush, Patches, Lug Race Cleaning Tool, Bolt Grease, Jewell Trigger Adjustment Tool $225.00