The Thoroughbred Rifle comes in only one quality level – The Very Best! We go to great lengths to ensure that each and every Thoroughbred Rifle we ship performs to our own personal standards. We painstakingly break in every barrel correctly to ensure maximum accuracy.

Custom High Quality Rifles

We use the finest factory ammunition and determine the optimum pairing of Rifle and ammunition for maximum accuracy. Although, hand loading might improve the accuracy, we believe that our clients should be able to easily purchase off the shelf ammunition and achieve exceptional accuracy with their Thoroughbred Rifle.

However, no two Thoroughbred Rifles are exactly the same. Each is custom fabricated for an individual client. Stock type, fit and finish are individually specified. We offer fine wood stocks as well as the highest quality synthetics money can buy.

Thoroughbred Rifles

Below are several of our precision rifles which we assembled for the recent Dallas Safari Club Convention. Please note that any of these barreled actions can be reconfigured with a different stock to meet your individual taste and requirements.


30-06 Springfield / 25” Kreiger Barrel / 1:10 Twist / #4 Contour / Jewell Trigger / Hunter Base /AI Stock in AAA Claro Walnut with Classic Shadow Line Cheekpiece / Ebony Tip and Grip / 20 LPI Hand Checkering / Pachmayr Pad / Inletted Studs / Thoroughbred Blue Gloss Finish



308 Win / 22” Bartlein Barrel / 1:12 Twist / Fluted / #3 Contour / Thoroughbred Brake / Detachable Magazine / Jewell Trigger / Extended Picatinny Base /  Pachmayr Pad / McMillan Classic Stock in Black – Tan Marble / 1 Stud – 4 Flush Cups / Thoroughbred Black Matte Finish



338 WinMag / 25” Bartlein Barrel / 1:10 Twist / #6 Contour / Thoroughbred Brake / Jewell Trigger / Hunter Base / McMillan Hunter Stock in Desert Camo / 1 Stud – 4 Flush Cups / Pachmayr Pad / Thoroughbred Matte Stainless Finish



375 H&H Mag / 25” Lilja Barrel / 1:12 Twist / #6 Contour / Jewell Trigger / Hunter Base /  S&K Premium Ultra Walnut Stock / African Mahogany Tip and Grip / 2 Studs / Pachmayr Pad / Thoroughbred Black Matte Finish



300 WSM / 25” Kreiger Barrel / 1:12 Twist / #5 Contour / Jewell Trigger / Hunter Base /  Thoroughbred Brake / Detachable Magazine / McMillan Hunter Stock in Black Texture / 1 Stud – 4 Flush Cups / Pachmayr Pad / Thoroughbred Matte Stainless Finish



243 Win / 22” Bartlein Barrel / 1:8 Twist / #3 Contour / Jewell Trigger / Talley Rings / McMillan Hunter Stock in Light Pink – Dark Grey – Light Grey Marble / 1 Stud – 4 Flush Cups / Pachmayr Pad / Thoroughbred Matte Stainless Finish. DIVA  donation rifle.

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