Below are testimonials from our loyal customers that bought our rifles.

Dear Dale,
Frank Davis and I had a fantastic Thanksgiving hunt with our sons. John Jacob and I stalked this nice 9 point buck and he took the shot at 250 yards with our new Thoroughbred rifle. The 168 grain Amax found its way perfectly through the heart and lungs in the fading light of the evening. We were glad not to have to chase a wounded animal in the dark. Thanks again for the wonderful rifle, it fits me perfectly and is great for Texas hunting. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season.
Best always,

Kevin W. Klein, M.D.

I have 2 hogs in the freezer!

The package with my new Thoroughbred Rifle arrived at 1pm Thursday at the FFL.  I then left for Texas at 5am Friday and arrived at the ranch at 5PM.  Quickly chanced clothes and headed for the field.
Immediately found a group and snuck up on them.  First shot (I had not even dry fired the gun) put a 200# plus boar on the ground.  Perfect head shot from about 220 yds.  Did some TV stuff and went looking for more piggies.
Found another group – another 100 yrd head shot – another hog on the ground.  Two down before dark!
Saturday morning found some pigs – I missed.  All gone.  Saturday evening not many pigs around.  Snuck up on 2 within 40 yrd’s.  Just as I got one in the scope something spooked them (I think it was Todd!) and they were gone.
Sunday the weather changed. Did not find any all day.  After dark we got in the truck and drove the wheat field.  Chased a bunch, we stopped and the group stopped.  One perfect ear shot out the passenger window and another for the freezer.

Four shots – three pigs.  Naw, I don’t like that rifle!!!!!!!  With my very limited experience with rifles (I have a LOT of learning to do) I can’t ask for anything better.  Now I need to find the time to go practice.

The main problem we had with this hunt was the massive amount of deer and turkeys hanging out with the pigs.  Difficult to sneak up on them.
Jack Homa
Electronic Shooters Protection
15290 Gadsden Ct
Brighton, CO 80603

The custom Thoroughbred Rifles 30-06 Dale Troutt made for me is the finest fire arm I have ever held in my hands. It is the most dependable, highest quality and funnest rifle I have ever owned. Combined with the Burris Optics Eliminator III scope, I will likely make this my primary rifle for the rest of my life for any deer, elk, hog and bear hunting. Thank you Dale!Tom King, J.D.
Houston, Texas

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