How to Accessorize a Thoroughbred Rifle


Our favorite sling is the TAB Gear Sling.  There are 3 elements to this advanced sling which are all connected to each other with Fastex buckles.

1) The sling loop up front, which is designed to be looped over the shooter’s support arm and cinched up tight for support in any position

2) The center section is for adjusting the carry length and

3) The rear of the sling which is a stiffened section that can serve as support for the non-firing hand to use in place of a rear bag when shooting off of a front rest.

The front, is simply used to shoot slung up. This can be done connected to the rest of the sling or not. It has a slider that can move very easily to lock down the loop on the shooters arm.

The center is where the shooter adjusts the sling for the carry length. It can be removed and connected to itself for easy storage allowing the remaining two sections of the sling to attach like a carry strap with shooting loop still in place. The reasons for the two buckles are two fold, first it allows the shooter to get out of the sling quickly because regardless of how you sling your rifle there is an accessible buckle you can un-clip in order to get the rifle into action quickly. Second it is designed to allow the removal of a rifle from an injured soldier in case he is incapacitated.

The rear section of the sling is stiff enough to use as a hasty rear support.

Most of our synthetic stocked rifles include flush cups on the front bottom and left side and rear bottom and left side.  We include these as a standard feature because we have found them to be a far superior means of connecting slings as well as a significantly more ergonomic means of carry when the left side cups are utilized.



Our favorite bipod is the Harris model HBRMS.  This model adjusts from 6″ to 9″, has leg notches for repeatable height adjustments and swivels for leveling the rifle on uneven ground.  Add the “S” lock for easy swivel tension adjustment.  This combination is perfect for most prone shooting and quick stable shots off raised supports.


Ballistic Calculator

Ballistic Advanced Edition on the iOS platforms is our first choice.  We’ve extensively tested this tool in every environment from rapid tactical competition to every hunting situation imaginable.  On our NTRP “One Mile” rifle, it accurately predicted the come up for the 1780 yard target engagement on the first try.  We will happily train our clients on the setup and use of this advanced tool.


Weather Meter

The only choice in our opinion is the Kestral 4500.  It provides direct readout of Density Altitude which when used in conjunction with Ballistic AE allows for very quick adaptation to changing target environments.  Many ask us about the Kestral model with the integrated Horus ballistics.  We have tested this model and find it very difficult to use.  It also locks the user into a single calculator solution.  We prefer the devices to be independent to allow for the rapid advances happening in the Ballistic Calculator software area.



Leupold covers the most applications with the largest choice of features, lightest weight and reasonable prices.  Swarovski and Zeiss glass is undeniably superior and are excellent choices for general purpose hunting.  Nightforce, US Optics and Schmidt and Bender are the go to choices for tactical rifles.  We are happy to discuss each clients specific needs and make a recommendation.  We will also acquire a client’s preferred optic and provide it at our dealer cost, mounted and sighted in on their Thoroughbred Rifle.