How to Select Ammunition for a Thoroughbred Rifle

Your Thoroughbred Rifle will be tested prior to delivery with a number of different factory loads to determine the most accurate bullet weight and style.  We will pass on the this test data with the rifle with our recommendation for the most accurate factory ammunition.  Should you desire to try a different brand of ammunition for a particular style or weight of bullet, we suggest the following test procedure.

1) Clean your Thoroughbred Rifle barrel per the included instructions.

2) Setup your rifle on a solid bench using both a front and rear rest.  We use a front bipod and a rear bag.  Practice with several “dry fire” exercises and make sure the reticle doesn’t move relative to the target as the trigger is released.

3) Using a 100 yard target, fire 3 fouling rounds and determine the size and shape of your group.  Typically the first fouler will be separated from the next two shots.

4) Proceed to fire a second 3 shot group.  The size of this group will represent the accuracy you can expect from this particular load.

And as always, if you have any questions regarding your Thoroughbred Rifle and related subjects, please give us a call.  We are dedicated to helping our clients and friends squeeze the last “tenth” out of every Thoroughbred Rifle and we are glad to share what we have learned about rifle accuracy and marksmanship.