How to Transport a Thoroughbred Rifle

The safest most secure means of transporting your new Thoroughbred Rifle is with one of our custom cases. We have computer aided design (CAD) files for cutting custom foam inserts for all the stocks we regularly supply. Our foam includes cutouts for a Dewey cleaning rod, Lucas bore guide, Dewey chamber rod, small water tight Pelican box for either ammunition or cleaning supplies, a removal foam plug for accommodating a rifle mounted Harris bipod, two removable plugs for detachable magazines and a cutout for a sling. We can also provide a variation that will accommodate a removable suppressor. For a nominal additional charge, we can develop a CAD file for any stock you might prefer. We have evaluated all the different cases and strongly prefer the latest SKB case. Our second choice is Storm and our third choice is Pelican. The SKB case is an inch deeper than the other two and provides far more cushion for the rifle. The SKB also has handles on both ends and in the middle. In addition to being the most protective case, the SKB also has the feature of being able to stand vertically on the wheeled end without support from the traveler. This makes check-in at the airport a lot less tiresome when traveling with a cased rifle.

Our custom designed Thoroughbred Case sells for $350.00. Please let us know at the time of rifle commission should you desire one of our cases. Each case is made to order and takes some time to manufacture.