My Favorite Rifle

Thoroughbred 308

People often ask me what my favorite hunting rifle is. Well here it is……..

Thoroughbred Short Action
Bartlein #3 fluted 22″ 10 twist barrel
Thoroughbred Hunter Brake Jewell Trigger set to 2 lbs
McM Hunter Stock in light weight Edge technology
Swaro Z6 1.7-10×42 BRH reticle
Chambered in 308Win 8lbs5oz with scope
Solid .4 MOA with Hornady factory 168 Amax

Heart shots at 500 yds are no problem with this rig. No need to dial. Just use the Swaro BRH reticle. It uses a mill-radian reticle so just use the holdover and wind numbers from your favorite ballistic calculator. No complicated sight in sessions. Just zero at 100 or 200 yds, plug everything into your calculator and shoot. Great truck gun. Awesome thick cover stalker.